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{July 25, 2010}   Vacations and Shopping, post-op style!

So, I’m headed out on vacay this week… of course I needed a FEW new things LoL.

I am especially excited about a pair of Siwy Marielle Cargos~  I find these to be especially WLS friendly!  I own a few (well, 4 washes) of the Hannah Skinny Crops now and they are not for everyone, but I find the Marielle cargos and the Alice Boyfriends to be much more so WLS friendly for those post-ops who are not so into the Jeggings and Skinnies.  I just “HEART” them!

I am also excited about the Gypsy 05 shirts I found a STEAL on when I was shopping the Ideeli sample sales!  Yes, I am addicted to sample sales and not ashamed to admit~ They are a shopper’s dream come true!  I find the Gypsy 05, Wildfox Couture, and Rebel Yell shirts to all be especially WLS friendly and flattering shirts!  Beautifully fitting for us post-ops who don’t want to be shrink-wrapped :)

I also still love the Crash and Burn, Sinful, and Affliction for Women shirts, as well~ The cut of them is also flattering for the post-op who doesn’t want to be shrink-wrapped in a junior’s shirt, yet wants a “blingy”, stylish top.  After losing around 170 lbs and a multitude of sizes (from a 24/26W to a 4/6), the lines of clothing that I mention to y’all are lines that I find to be slimming and flattering in all the right ways.

I hope not to overpack for this trip, but it ALWAYS happens haha.

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