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@ www.denimdebutante.com.  Yes, there is another wonderful giveaway going on and this one involves Raven Denim.  Don’t go to jail, do not pass GO, and go directly to Denim Debutante to enter.  Tell ’em Renae sent ya =D

So, I’m headed out on vacay this week… of course I needed a FEW new things LoL.

I am especially excited about a pair of Siwy Marielle Cargos~  I find these to be especially WLS friendly!  I own a few (well, 4 washes) of the Hannah Skinny Crops now and they are not for everyone, but I find the Marielle cargos and the Alice Boyfriends to be much more so WLS friendly for those post-ops who are not so into the Jeggings and Skinnies.  I just “HEART” them!

I am also excited about the Gypsy 05 shirts I found a STEAL on when I was shopping the Ideeli sample sales!  Yes, I am addicted to sample sales and not ashamed to admit~ They are a shopper’s dream come true!  I find the Gypsy 05, Wildfox Couture, and Rebel Yell shirts to all be especially WLS friendly and flattering shirts!  Beautifully fitting for us post-ops who don’t want to be shrink-wrapped :)

I also still love the Crash and Burn, Sinful, and Affliction for Women shirts, as well~ The cut of them is also flattering for the post-op who doesn’t want to be shrink-wrapped in a junior’s shirt, yet wants a “blingy”, stylish top.  After losing around 170 lbs and a multitude of sizes (from a 24/26W to a 4/6), the lines of clothing that I mention to y’all are lines that I find to be slimming and flattering in all the right ways.

I hope not to overpack for this trip, but it ALWAYS happens haha.

Hey everyone~

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~ Renae

Just a shoutout on the AWESOME 20% off sale at Designs by Stephene (www.designsbystephene.com).  Use code: Summer through June 20th (tomorrow) to save 20% on all IN-STOCK items, to include sale items (which is A-MAZING!).  Designs by Stephene just got in a great new selection of J Brand so get on over there NOW :)

Happy Weekend Shopping!

~ Renae

{June 17, 2010}   Sample Sales for June 17!

Good afternoon, y’all!

So I wanted to pop over here to give the scoop on the Sample Sale circuit for today:

Most notable, in my opinion, is the AWESOME J Brand sale over on Rue La La (www.ruelala.com).  The prices are out of this world, with some styles as low as $49 and nothing over $79.  Get there before they’re gone!

Kensie is over on Hautelook (www.hautelook.com)  today~ It may not be all denim, but it will all look A-MAZING!

Nudie Jeans are still over on The Sample Sale (www.thesamplesale.com).  This sale started yesterday, so hop on over there to get a killer deal!

Havaianas are back on the circuit, this time on Gilt (www.gilt.com).  Word of advice:  Buy 2 or more pairs to make it worth the shipping!

…  I am sure I’ve left out something of importance, so please fill me in if I have.   Happy Thursday to you all!

~ Renae

I never wore skinny jeans until January 2009.  I always thought that I would look terrible in them, what with my large, muscular legs and all.  I am a size 4-6, sometimes an 8 (designer sizes 27-29, sometimes a 30 if it’s made very small), but I am all curves.  My first pair were Skinny 77 jeans from American Eagle that I got on clearance for $19.99.  I loved them so much that I went out and got 3 more pairs (in different washes) almost immediately.  I was in total *LOVE* of the style. 

Since then, I’ve been encouraging friends of mine, of all sizes to wear skinny jeans.  I am not sure it always works, but I know it has a time or 2.  I have learned that there are so many styles of straight leg, skinny leg, and jeggings out there, there is one for any woman! 

Some of my favorites are:

  • Dylan George Lucy Skinny Jeans
  • Dylan George Grace Skinny Jeans
  • Dylan George Cara Jeggings
  • Paige Premium Denim Skyline Skinny Jeans
  • Paige Premium Denim Verdugo Jeggings
  • Big Star Vintage Nico Skinny Jeans
  • Big Star Casey K Skinny Jeans
  • AG The Stilt Skinny Jeans
  • Hudson Collin Skinny Jeans
  • Miss Me Sunny Skinny Jeans
  • Miss Me Irene Skinny Jeans
  • 7FAM Gwenevere Gummy Denim Leggings
  • 7FAM Roxanne Skinny Jeans
  • J Brand Slouchy Skinny Jeans
  • Siwy Hannah Skinny Cropped Jeans
  • Current/Elliott The Skinny Jeans
  • 1921 Chrissie Skinny Jeans

And those are the list of some GREAT fitting jeans in my collection, but I will reiterate that there is style for every women!  I suggest you just start trying them on and you’ll find one that makes your heart skip a beat when you see yourself in the mirror =)  … And if you want any suggestions from me on styles, I’m always a comment or email away to offer up my best advice.

Happy shopping to all!

~ Renae

{June 12, 2010}   Hiding our bodies after WLS~

I am going to touch upon something that I consider to be a hot topic in the WLS community~ Hiding ourselves under baggy, too-big clothing even after losing MASSIVE amounts of weight.  I love the OH community, as well as the BBGC (Bariatric Bad Girls Club) and I see a vast difference in people on both sites.  You have some women, like myself, who are uber stylish and make every effort to show off our new bodies to the best potential.  You have others, however, who seem to try to hide their new bodies under a mountain of clothes, just as they did as a pre-op.  I don’t understand why people do this, but I know there has to be a reason why.  You used to weigh 250, 300, even 400+ lbs and you’re not that size anymore~ There is a style for all of us and we can all dress to our maximum potential.

I want to use this blog to inspire others who took the same journey as I did with the WLS to show our bodies off, gain self-confidence, and be the best post-op inspiration to others who are starting this journey.   Looking good does not have to involve spending a fortune~ I’m here to post sales, tips, and ideas on dressing great for less!

I look forward to passing on the style inspiration and getting feedback from y’all~ I *heart* my fellow WLS’ers, and you don’t even have to be a WLS’er to benefit from this blog!  I can’t wait to know y’all better!

~ Renae

{June 12, 2010}   Sample Sale update~

There’s not a lot really going on in the Sample Sale circuit today, but there is still the great Denim Darlings sale over on Ideeli.com right now.  It features Rich & Skinny, Dylan George, and Genetic Denim, and started yesterday as a 3 day sale (or until sold out).   I like all 3 brands, but I have a particular L*O*V*E for Dylan George jeans.  I cannot express how much I adore them and the way they fit like a perfectly fitted glove.  I find Dylan George to fit true-t0-size, though some sites say they fit slightly large.

Monday, 7 For All Mankind will be over on Hautelook.com on the 14th (Monday).  With Hautelook, I expect the sale prices to be gooooood!  I got a pair Dojos last time they were over on Hautelook and I’m completely happy with them.  7FAM is another brand that I find to be TTS.  Keep that in mind when buying.

Hope to have more great Sample Sales for y’all to check out soon!

{June 12, 2010}   Transferring my blog~

Hi everyone!

It could take me a bit to get everything moved, but I’m transferring ~ The WLS Fashionista ~ over here to WordPress.  So far, I *heart* the set-up, but I’m still learning.  There will be more blogs soon!

~ Renae

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